Bulk Fueling

Cavalieri Fuel Services offers a dependable bulk fueling service for all tank sizes at competitive prices. Cavalieri can provide your company with a portable tank or offer assistance regarding your tank purchase options.

Cavalieri operates a sophisticated and computerized fleet of delivery trucks to meet your needs. Our team members can keep your company in compliance with today’s bulk fuel storage EPA and OSHA regulations.

At Cavalieri we make sure to completely understand your company operations so that we can better provide you with the right products and keep fill services, exceeding all supply demands. If you are interested in any of our fueling services, whether they are residential or commercial, please reach out to us today. Our staff will provide you with any and all pertinent information.

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We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our affordable fueling options. When you reach out, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation.

What to Consider Before Moving to Bulk Fueling

In general, your fuel needs depends on a few different factors, which includes the number of equipment and vehicles, the size of the fuel tanks and the fuel storage life. You may be looking to hold gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, propane, ethanol, kerosene or other fuel sources in your on-site storage tanks. However, certain fuels can cause severe problems if stored for too long. It can contaminate the supply and damage the fuel system components. So it is important to determine whether your company can reasonably use the fuel as it gets delivered so as to not be holding too much for too long.

Before opting to go with a bulk fuel delivery service, please consider the following questions:

  • What are your fuel requirements?
  • What type of fuel do you need?
  • How much fuel does your company consume each month?
  • How many vehicles and machines do you need to fuel?
  • What is the fuel storage life?
  • Do you have the ability to store and maintain fuel quality?
  • Based on the fuel storage life and the amount you use, what is a reasonable buying limit?

When you opt to go with bulk fueling services, you will want to negotiate a bulk contract that protects you from price fluctuations and provides a constant fuel supply. Because the marketplace can fluctuate widely, there should also be a provision to review the contract periodically. At Cavalieri Fuel Services, we offer fixed pricing contracts to help with this aspect.