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For your diesel and heating oil needs, contact Cavalieri Fuel Services of Woodland Park, NJ. We are happy to help you streamline your operation and make your business the most efficient and cost-effective it can be. Bringing its services to the Northern New Jersey areas of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, and Morris counties, Cavalieri Fuel Services goes beyond your expectations.

About Cavalieri Fueling ServicesWe provide you with residential heating oil, commercial fuel services, and a variety of other equipment services. Our services are vast, ranging from affordable home heating oil delivery to on-site fleet fueling and auto-filling to on-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel.

Environmentally Friendly Diesel Fuel

In conjunction with our diesel fuel services, we also provide our clients with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. This is due to our awareness of clean and more efficient fuel. The EPA has instituted stricter regulations concerning this fuel in attempts to lower the sulfur content in the diesel fuel. We provide this fuel to our customers as part of our fuel services.

We use a trusted team of certified technicians to get the job done right every time, and we guarantee your satisfaction for every job. Since our humble start, Cavalieri Fuel Services has doubled our business every year since its inception, which is proof that we keep our clients satisfied. Just check out our testimonials page! Also, our clients often recommend us to others in the area.

Our pricing options are affordable and we even provide free estimates for those interested in our services. With our estimates, you'll know what to expect from our services and we are confident in our pricing. We also offer discounts for home heating oil!  Call today to find out more about our incentives and how you may qualify. 

Our Fuel Services Include:

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Get safe, reliable fueling from Cavalieri Fuel Services, proudly servicing New Jersey residents located in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, and Passaic counties. Call us today to find out more about our incentives or to see if you qualify for discounts on home heating oil. For fast discount pricing on heating oil, off-road and on-road diesel fuel, or any other questions about our fueling services in general, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our wide range of quality fueling services, as well as provide you with a free estimate for our services. We can provide you with regular appointments for our fueling services or simply work on a more touch-and-go basis. Whichever option is easiest for you will work with us! Our oil fueling packages will give you peace of mind. Let us handle when you need refueling.

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