Fuel Pricing Options

Buying home heating oil and commercial fuel from Cavalieri Fuel Services starts with a quick and free estimate. Whether you need home fuel delivery, or big-time fleet fueling, Cavalieri Fuel Services has competitive prices and unbeatable service! We would be happy to assess the services you need and provide you with a prompt and accurate estimate so you’ll know what to expect from Cavalieri. We use our expertise and experience to give you an accurate estimate you can rely on every time. We are so confident in our prices that we guarantee our estimates. There’s no commitment so give us a try and see how we can save you money on your home or commercial fuel costs.

Fuel Pricing OptionsFixed Price Contracts

Take advantage of ever-changing market conditions with Cavalieri’s pricing. Cavalieri offers many different types of contracts and utilizes its buying power and market expertise to pass savings on to its customers, such as hedging, Platts, OPIS, fixed and swaps & collars. Our heating oil delivery is reliable and we are always looking to make sure we offer affordable deals. We also provide diesel fuel delivery that is affordable and great for commercial establishments or those who have commercial vehicles or machines that run on diesel fuel.

Every day our Cavalieri Product Supply Management team monitors the New York Mercantile Exchange-Commodity Trading (NYMEX) market. Our team identifies trends and significant swings in oil prices. Our team’s expertise combined with Cavalieri’s buying power and storage capability means Cavalieri customers benefit from industry knowledge and influence.

For more information about our contracts, or simply about our pricing in general, please contact us today. The number to call for our office is: 973-304-1595. When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation.

Benefits of the Contract Pricing Programs

  • Limit exposure to increasing price swings
  • Reduce risk in a highly volatile market
  • Provide an accurate budgeting and accounting tool
  • Program can be customized to cover all or only part of fuel requirements
  • Contract lengths are flexible (1-18 months)

Types of Contracts

  • FIXED PRICE – Customer locks a price for a set time period (Cavalieri’ most popular pricing program)
  • PRICE CAP – Limits the upside price spike potential
  • TRIGGER – Agreed “basis” level that is set, then contract is triggered at a “Merc Level” that is advantageous
  • PRICE COLLAR – A cap and a floor are set limiting upside risk, but, also limiting downside activity