How To Measure Your Oil Tank

It is important to understand how your oil tank works and how to properly gauge the oil levels. Knowing how it works will help you when it comes to needing new oil. Also, properly understanding how to measure your oil tank could lead to a better grip on your oil usage. This way, you’ll know when you are using too much oil. And once you know that you can save you money in the long run by changing some habits.

  • For a buried oil tank (underground), insert the tank stick into the fill pipe. Once it touches the bottom of the tank, remove the stick slowly and record the number of inches on the stick. Then compare it to the heating oil chart (see below).
  • If you have a basement oil tank, you remove one of the plugs on the top of the tank. Then insert the tank stick into the opening until it touches the bottom. Then remove it and record the number of inches on the stick. Once you measure it, compare it to the chart (see below). Problems removing the stick can happen if your basement has a short ceiling. If that’s the case with you, then we recommend purchasing a folding tank stick as an alternative.

Here is a oil tank chart to help you measure your levels. Properly measuring your oil levels leads to some handy benefits in the future. And you will always be prepared for when the time comes to get more oil!

How To Measure Your Oil Tank

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