What is Natural Gas?

Cavalieri Fuel Services provides homes across New Jersey with a few different residential fueling options, with one of them being natural gas. Natural gas occurs way below the earth's surface and consists mostly of methane. It was formed millions of years ago. Plant and animal remains would decay and build up in thick layers and over time these layers would be buried under sand, silt and rock. Then, pressure and heat would change some of these organic materials into coal, oil and natural gas. It can be used as a fuel to make materials and chemicals. 

How Do We Get Natural Gas?

The initial search for natural gas begins with geologists. They are the people who locate the types of rocks that are most likely to contain natural gas deposits. These rocks can be found both on land, as well as offshore and under the ocean floor. To find these rocks on land or in water, they use seismic surveys. This determines the correct place needed to drill. For a more promising site, an exploratory well is drilled and tested for inklings of the gas. If found useful, then further production is done and more drilling is completed. 

By drilling, the natural gases flow up through the wells to the surface. This occurs to the rock formation being broken by the drill and the natural gas in the pores exiting. Water, chemicals and sand are forced down a well to produce this break, which releases the natural gas. There are two different types of natural gases:

  • Wet Natural Gas: This is the name of the well that gets the natural gas. It separates the methane and other useful gases from the site.
  • Dry Natural Gas: The processed natural gas is called "dry" or "consumer-grade" natural gas. This gas is then sent through pipelines to either be stored underground or distributed to companies. Most of the natural gas used in the US is produced here, but there are some natural gas pipelines that come in from Mexico and Canada. 

Proud Supplier of Natural Fueling Options

Cavalieri Fuel Services is proud to offer natural gas to our residential clients in Bergen and Passaic counties. You can heat your home and do so in a manner that is conducive to the environment. If you are interested in this sort of heating option for your home, please contact us today. The number to call is (973) 304-1595.  We can provide you with the necessary details about all of our quality fueling options and services. We look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have as well.

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