What To Do If You Run Out of Heating Oil

New Jersey Home Heating Oil Delivery Services

Running out of heating oil is something that happens to everyone. At Cavalieri Fuel Services, you can sign up for automatic deliveries so this does not happen. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what to do if you happen to run out of heating oil. Get quick heating oil delivery when you turn to Cavalieri Fuel!

Step One: Check Oil Tank Gauge

Sometimes it may seem like you are completely out of heating oil, but it is smart to check other aspects first just in case. Check the tank gauge first, since it will tell you about how much fuel is left in the tank. If you see that there is still heating oil in the tank, then it means there is an issue with your heating system and not with the oil in the tank.

Step Two: Schedule Quickest Oil Delivery (With Cavalieri!)

Once you know you need heating oil, then you should immediately contact Cavalieri Fuel Services f0r the next immediate delivery time. We will make sure you get your heating oil on time, because we know how terrible it is to not have hot water and heat if it is during the winter months. Get home heating oil delivered today!

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Step Three: If You Can't Wait, The Gas Station Is An Option

Of course, your best bet for home heating oil is simply waiting for Cavalieri Fuel to deliver it. We go as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are dire situations where you can't wait for the heating oil delivery. If you are concerned about the lack of heat and cannot wait until delivery, then heading to the local gas station to buy some diesel fuel is a viable option and help get you to the oil delivery.

The diesel fuel you get at a gas station is similar to that from our oil supply. Heating oil is diesel fuel and the diesel fuel from the gas station will burn similarly to ours. What makes heating oil different from the diesel fuel at gas stations is the color. Laws require diesel fuels used for cars to be taxed differently than diesel fuel for the home, which is why diesel fuel from a gas station is more expensive per gallon than heating oil. Which is why you won't want to heat your home much with diesel fuel from a gas station. It'll cost you an arm and a leg compared to our home heating oil prices! About 5 gallons of diesel fuel should be able to get you through the night depending on the size of your home and how cold it is outside.

But make sure you get DIESEL fuel and not gasoline. Gas is a lighter weight and can't be used in the home for an oil furnace. It will damage your home heating oil system if you use gas.

Step Four: Turn Off The Oil Burner & Pour The Diesel Fuel in Heating

When you opt to get your own diesel fuel, you need to turn off the oil burner before pouring in the diesel fuel. This will prevent any kicked up sediment from causing a clog in your system. To pour in the diesel fuel, head to the tank's fill pipe outside, open the cap, and slowly pour the diesel from the can's spout into the fill pipe.

Give it about 15 minutes before restarting your burner, so any sediment that is kicked up while you poured it in settles and allows for the clean burning of the diesel fuel.

Step 5: Set a Reminder To Check Tank Gauge

Now that you went through this ordeal of not having heating oil, be sure to set a reminder to periodically check your fuel levels. This way you can avoid any last minute emergencies and fill up before you run out. At Cavalieri Fuel Services, we make it simple and easy to fill your home heating oil tank.