On-Road Diesel Fuel

Cavalieri Fuel Services provides customers across Passaic and Bergen with a variety of dependable diesel fueling services. These excellent services includes on-road diesel fuel. We have the ability to meet the changing needs of our customers and can adhere to your schedule. Online ordering is available for many of our fueling services, which makes ordering your fuel simple and easy. You can also sign up for automatic fuel deliveries and we will punctually deliver fuel to you. Get the best on-road diesel fuel in the area with Cavalieri Fuel. We take immense pride in providing people with fuel services they can depend on.

On-Road Diesel Fuel Applications

On-road diesel fuel is fuel that is, well, used on the road. It is a clear fuel that can be used in a variety of applications, such as with diesel pickups, tractor trailers, etc. Pretty much any vehicle that requires ultra low sulfur diesel. This is because this fuel is much safer to be used in vehicles, however it can be used for non-vehicles as well, though the benefits of that are not as great. But it is important to know what fuel should be used as the longevity of the machine or vehicle could come in question.

On-Road Diesel Fuel Services 

Cavalieri Fuel Services has years of experience in the field and provides clients with a variety of fueling services. Our service area extends to customers in New Jersey and more specifically Bergen and Passaic Counties. If you are interested in our on-road diesel fueling services for you and your business, please contact us today. The number to call is 973-304-1595. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our array of diesel fueling services. Call today for a free estimate and let us be your on-road diesel fuel providers. We can work with you with regular appointments or simply on a touch-and-go basis. Whichever option is easiest for you will work for us.