Off-Road Diesel Fuel For Sale

Delivering Diesel Fuel For Off-Road Purposes in New Jersey

Cavalieri Fuel Services provides clients across Bergen and Passaic, New Jersey with a variety of dependable diesel fueling services, including the delivery of off-road diesel fuel. We have the ability to meet the changing needs of our customers and can be flexible to your specific requirements. Our fueling services are available to both commercial and residential establishments. For your convenience, online ordering is available. This eases the process of ordering any off-road diesel fuel. You can order one of two ways:

  • Stop-And-Go
  • Automatic Delivery

Off-road diesel fuel truckThe first option is for more of a stop-and-go basis, in which case you only contact us if you are low in fuel. This is typically what most residential customers opt to do. And the second option is our automatic delivery. This is when we work off of a set schedule to provide you with more fuel. This is a popular option for our commercial customers.

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We take pride in our fueling services and we aim to make your life easier. Get the best off-road diesel fuel in the area with Cavalieri Fuel.

Why Choose Diesel Fuel?

Diesel vehicles get great mileage, which makes it the perfect choice for commercial vehicles. You will typically get 25% to 30% better fuel economy compared to similar types of gasoline engines. This makes diesel one of the most efficient and energy dense fuels available today. This is due to the fact diesel fuel contains more usable energy than gasoline and delivers better overall fuel economy. You can save both money and time with our off-road diesel fuel.

What Is Off-Road Diesel Fuel?

Off-road diesel fuel is meant for any machine or vehicle that will not being driven on a road. Tractors, construction equipment, and generators fall under this category. And we want to make sure this is clear, but it is not legal to put off-road diesel in any vehicle that drives on roads. Putting off-road diesel in an on-road vehicle may result in significant fines. So please be aware of this fact. Off-road diesel fuel is dyed. This was officers can spot its use on the road.

There is is also equipment that requires the use of diesel fuel to operate. So if that is what you need, then we can also accommodate that, too. All of this, and more, can be found on our commercial fueling page. Get the full details of our commercial fueling services and how many across New Jersey turn to us for affordable fueling delivery.

Schedule Delivery Appointments

For your convenience, you can schedule recurring appointments for our off-road diesel fuel delivery. Life can be hectic, but with our fuel delivery services you will be able to live with the peace of mind that the fuel that you need will be there on-time. We are a reliable fuel delivery company and aim to cover all of your fueling needs. And it is also fine if you do not need regular appointments. You can get in touch with us when the time is right. We are here to simply cater to your needs and make your fueling services go as smoothly as possible. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond what you'd expect from your fueling company in order to provide you with the best service for your money!

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Cavalieri Fuel Services has years of experience in the field and provides clients with a variety of fueling services. Our service area extends to customers across both Bergen and Passaic, New Jersey. Off-road diesel fuel is helpful in a variety of instances and we will come to you to fuel you up! We also provide services and fueling for on-road vehicles, like trucks, trailers and tractors.

If you are interested in our fueling services, please contact us today. The number to call is 973-304-1595. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our array of affordable diesel fueling services. Call today for a free estimate and let us be your off-road diesel fuel providers.