Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Cavalieri Fuel Services provides its customers with only the highest quality fuel on the market and is a trusted source for diesel fueling services in New Jersey, including the delivery of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, or ULSD, is diesel fuel that contains substantially lower sulfur content. It is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel that contains 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel (LSD). The move to this even lower sulfur content is to allow for the application of advanced emissions control technologies, which greatly lowers the harmful emissions from diesel combustion. Testing has found that the use of emissions control devices in conjunction with ULSD can help reduce the exhaust output of ozone matters and puts less harmful aerosol particles into the air. 

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel FuelUltra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Standards

The standards surrounding diesel fuels have evolved as the fuel it self has evolved. Starting in 2006, the EPA began to phase-in more strict regulations in an attempt to lower the amount of sulfur present in diesel fuel. This was an attempt to make the fuel more eco-friendly and not as harmful to the environment upon its use. The EPA's diesel standards are targeting emissions from two different sources:

  • On-road vehicles
  • Off-road engines and equipment

These improved diesel standards, collectively, help reduce harmful emissions from both of these sources by more than 90%. That is some nice progress! It is a priority of ours to not only deliver reliable fuel, but quality fuel as well. And these industry standards allow us to do just that with our ultra low sulfur diesel fuel deliveries.

The Lubricity of Sulfur

Sulfur itself is not a lubricant, but it can combine with other elements to increase its lubricity, like the nickel content in many metal alloys. Lubricity, by definition, is a measure of the fuel's ability to lubricate and protect various parts of an engine's fuel injection system and as a counter to wear. The process to reduce sulfur also reduces the lubricating properties of the element. And reducing the sulfur in the fuel also removes the naturally occurring lubricity agents in the diesel fuel. 

Essentially, this entails that there is a change in the refining process, which removes the sulfur. There is a decrease in energy content that may result in a lower peak power and fuel economy. So, the transition to ULSD is not without a high cost, as pump prices for diesel increase and the domestic refining industry invested over $8 billion to comply with these new regulations once the changes were enacted. 

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