Bergen Off-Road Diesel Fuel

Cavalieri Fuel Services is proud to offer off-road diesel fuel to customers throughout Bergen County, New Jersey. We have years of experience with fuel delivery and provide clients with many great fueling services. Off-road diesel fuel is helpful in a variety of instances and we will come to you to fuel you up! For more information about all of our fueling services, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our diesel fueling services. You can also call our office at 973-304-1595. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate and go over all of the details about our off-road diesel fueling in Bergen County, New Jersey.

What Is Off-Road Diesel Fuel?

Off-road diesel fuel is fuel that is used for off-road equipment and vehicles. When it comes to pricing, this fuel doesn’t have road taxes. In many instances it is dyed red to denote its off-road connotations. This is so on-road vehicles cannot use it without the authorities realizing. On-road vehicles need to use diesel fuel that has a tax. If on-road vehicles use off-road diesel fuel in Bergen, tax authorities can and do check for vehicles using red diesel in on-road vehicles. They check by using a black light to spot any residual presence of dye in the fuel, as well as key places in the engine. So, just use the right type of fuel, folks!

Our Fueling Packages

Cavalieri Fuel Services provides clients across Bergen County, New Jersey with different fueling packages for off-road diesel fuel. We have the ability to meet your demands and can be flexible to your specific requirements. For your convenience, online ordering is available. You can order diesel fuel one of two ways:

  • Stop-And-Go
  • Automatic Delivery

The first option is obviously for more of a stop-and-go basis. So only contact us if you need the fuel. This is typically what most residential customers opt for. Our automatic delivery is perfect for commercial clients. Set us a schedule that works for you and we will meet those demands and deliver the fuel when you need it. Don’t worry about getting low, because we our reliable delivery services have you covered!

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