On-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

Get Diesel Fuel Delivered To You For On-Road Applications

Cavalieri Fuel Services provides customers across Passaic and Bergen County in New Jersey with a variety of dependable diesel fueling services, including the delivery and sale of on-road diesel fuel. We have the ability to meet the changing needs of our customers and can adhere to your schedule. Online ordering is available for many of our fueling services, which makes ordering your fuel simple and easy. We offer two different diesel fueling packages:

  • Fleet of On-Road Diesel Fuel VehiclesAutomatic Deliveries
  • Stop-And-Go Basis

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Signing up for automatic fuel deliveries offers some great benefits and will allow us to punctually deliver fuel to you on a regular basis that best fits your schedule. But if you would like to work on a more stop-and-go basis, then that is an option as well. Get the best on-road diesel fuel in the area with Cavalieri Fuel. We take immense pride in providing people with fuel services they can depend on. We offer our deliveries to customers six days a week and will work within the structure of your workweek.

On-Road Diesel Fuel Applications

On-road diesel fuel is fuel that is, well, used on the road. It is a clear fuel that you can use for a variety of applications. Some common applications include use with diesel pickups and tractor-trailers. Pretty much any vehicle that requires ultra low sulfur diesel. This is due to the fact that it is simply safer to use this fuel in vehicles. The clearness of the fuel is so that there is a differentiation between using it for on-road and off-road vehicles. It is illegal for on-road vehicles to use off-road diesel fuel. So, all vehicles require a license for use on roads in the United States and need to use on-road diesel.

However, it can be used for non-vehicles as well, though the benefits of that are not as great. It is important to know what fuel should be used as the longevity of the machine or vehicle could come into question. We pride ourselves on having excellent customer support and going above and beyond what you would expect from a fueling company. We can offer competitive pricing for our on-road diesel fuel options. Learn more about all of our commercial fueling services. Many across New Jersey turn to us for the best in commercial diesel fueling delivery.

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