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Cavalieri Fuel Services offers residents and business owners in New Jersey with an array of fuel service options, including the delivery of diesel fuel. Our service area extends to many across the state, including Bergen and Passaic counties. We offer affordable pricing options, so you can fit it in your budget. Free estimates are also available for those looking to see a price range before committing. We offer our customers with a dependable diesel fuel delivery. You can sign up for automatic deliveries, or simply order on a stop-and-go basis. Whatever is easiest for you. You can order online and our deliveries are available six days a week. We will work to fit your schedule.

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For more information about our fueling options, please give us a call today. The number for our office is 973-304-1595. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate for our fueling services. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and ask about any of our fueling options!

Why Choose Diesel Fuel

Diesel vehicles get great mileage and will typically deliver 25% to 30% better fuel economy than similar types of gasoline engines. Which makes it one of the most efficient and energy dense fuels available today. That is due to the fact that is contains more usable energy than gasoline and delivers better fuel economy. 

Diesel Fuel Regulated

Diesel fuel has been regulated more and more over the years and our commercial fueling options have followed suit. This is due to the fact that the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel is directly linked to the amount of pollution produced when the fuel is being used. As the levels of sulfur increase, so does the pollution. The emissions that result from diesel-burning fuel in engines contribute to air pollution and has serious health risks and environmental effects. Due to these dangers, the regulations on this type of fuel are very important. And makes our ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel the eco-friendly choice.

There are a few different forms of pollution created by diesel fuel, which includes:

  • soot or particulate matter
  • hydrocarbons
  • carbon monoxide

The forms of air pollution created by this fueling method can cause different types of heart and lung disease, as well as many other adverse health risks. This fueling method can also damage plants, animals, crops and water resources. It is difficult to find an aspect of day-to-day life that is not affected by the dangerous conditions produced by diesel fuel. That is why it is important to follow the standards and regulations set by the EPA ensuring cleaner fuel is provided. Our commercial fueling services strive to keep our environment clean and we are meticulous in our efforts to use high-quality diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel TruckUltra Low Diesel Fuel Available

We offer eco-friendly ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. This is part of our desire to provide more clean and efficient fuel. The EPA has instituted more strict regulations in an attempt to lower the sulfur content in diesel fuel. This type of diesel fuel is cleaner-burning and contains 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel. This lower move of sulfur content allows for the application of advanced emissions control technologies. This greatly lowers the harmful emissions from diesel combustion. General testing has found that the use of emissions control devices in conjunction with ULSD can help to reduce the overall exhaust output of ozone matters. And ultimately, it puts less harmful aerosol particles into the air. Which makes this fuel the best fuel for the environment.

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Cavalieri Fuel Services has years of experience in the field and offers a variety of diesel fuel options and services. Our service area extends to many people in New Jersey, including those in Bergen and Passaic County. As part of our diesel fueling services, we offer fueling for off-road fueling equipment. This is fuel that is not used for a vehicle that drives on the road or for equipment that is immovable. But we do also provide on-road diesel fueling options for diesel-fueled vehicles.

For more information regarding our different fueling services, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any other questions or concerns you may have regarding our array of fuel options and diesel delivery services. The number to dial is 973-304-1595. When you call, we can provide you with a free estimate for our fueling services. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today and learn about all of our fueling options!